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Who doesn’t like a ‘top five’ list?

I was certain everyone was sitting around waiting for one, so I decided to drop a quick list of the five most viewed posts from 2015. I got a late start into the year, but thank you to those who took the time to read my meager musings on God’s Word.

1. My Wife, My Crown

A short piece on the power of prayer, namely, the effect my wife’s prayers had on my life.

2. That Tiny Little Hand

A personal reaction to one of the undercover Planned Parenthood videos released last


3. Taming Your Tongue

Thoughts on James 3 and the power the tongue possesses, for good and bad.

4. Living The Christian Life

A look into what Jesus says about following Him, and how our sin can complicate that


5. Hold Your Lane

We should not be afraid to speak the Gospel to others, done with grace, respect, and love.

There you have it.

Thank you again for stopping in!

God Bless,


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