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Tuesday morning was the fifth video released revealing the inner workings of Planned Parenthood and their baby body harvesting operation. I watch these videos intentionally. As a Christian, I never want to become complacent as to the levels of depravity that exist in this world we live in. Having watched the first four already, I knew what to expect. They always give a warning of graphic footage. Previously it was lab footage of a PP doctor rummaging through the remains of an aborted baby, though I doubt most anyone without a trained eye could identify anything from the videos.

These videos have absolutely broken my heart; as a Christian first, who is called to uphold the sanctity of life, but also as a father, who has held four newborns in my arms just moments after their birth.

That’s when I saw it. There in the video in the doctor’s forceps there appears a beautifully knitted arm complete with such a precious and tiny hand, I could not hold back tears. My heart had shattered and love and sadness welled up simultaneously. I sat in my office chair in disbelief as images of my children's hands flooded my mind instantly.

My newest child, only a month and a half, held my finger just that morning before I left for work.

It is one of the three things she knew to do from before birth, grasping.

A picture of my other daughter, three years old, firmly holding my face between both soft hands, hazel eyes fixed in mine mere inches away, so that the most critical of information she has to tell me, doesn’t not go unacknowledged.

My youngest boy, almost five, hands and arms wrapped around my neck from behind, trying to wrestle me down to the ground as I had unwisely stooped to tie my shoe. Hurling a t-ball at my head for me to catch, as I stand facing the other way.

Then my oldest boy, eight, brings flashes of bugs in hand, ready to tell me eight facts he already knows about this specimen.

Little hands that hold mine to steady themselves walking.

Little hands that hold mine to help themselves up from a fall.

Little hands digging in the dirt outside.

Little hands holding a Bible.

Yet this baby on the video will never have that chance to do this most sacred thing, let alone play piano or throw a ball or write a speech. Nothing. Ever.

The impact of that tiny hand on the screen, and what it could have been used for in the life of that baby as it grew up, has caused me great pause, as it should anyone, religious or not. This is not a donation of any kind. Donations are presented as a gift from the giver, not a third party.

People claim Planned Parenthood is ‘being misrepresented’.

What we know is these babies ‘miss being represented’.

You cannot un-see a little hand in forceps that never even had a chance to reach for help.

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” - William Wilberforce

Video here, if interested, and four ways you can respond:

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