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Wednesday Devo: "...the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God." - Romans 8:21

There is so much to be excited about when Christ returns. We first get to read about God’s glory filling the earth early on in the Old Testament(Numbers 14:21). We read as David sings praises to God and his earth-filling glory throughout the Psalms(Psalm 57, 108, et al). We continue to read about it on into the New Testament as well. Jesus speaks of his Father’s glory for us through salvation (John 11:40). Then Paul comes along and lays out a whole section on our future glory(Romans 8:18-30). [Please note these are not singular mentions in the Bible as they are here. It is FULL of talk of God's glory] There is, though, a point that often goes unnoticed. From what we read in Romans 8:19-21, it appears the children of God(believers) will be glorified first, as the creation will wait eagerly to see who they are(v. 19), and then from those people, all of creation will receive God’s glory(v. 21). The thought of sharing in the glory of God as fellow heirs and brothers with Christ(Romans 8:17, 29), should be fuel enough to run the race set before us with all our might, and us giving out glory to the rest of creation is really just icing on the cake if we do in fact get to hand it out.

So will we be giving out glory as in the video clip above?

We cannot say for sure, though it is so much fun to think about, but if you have not made the choice to accept Christ as your Lord and Savior, do it now, and join the glory club! The Bible is clear on this point; God wants you to be a part of His kingdom!

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