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Wednesday Devo: “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…” – James 1:17

Technology is a gift. A beautiful, wondrous gift from God. The things He has shown us how to do with technology is incredible, and with it the ability to share the Gospel worldwide is like never before. The device pictured can splice together two glass fiber optic strands, both being the size of a hair on your head, end to end with near perfection. Mind blown.

It is hard to think of life without all our gadgets and electronics. Things start to get crazy simply when the wifi goes down or cell signal is non-existent.

How are we using this good and perfect gift from God? You do not have to look far to see how it can be twisted and used for things not glorifying to Him. A couple clicks and you are in hostile territory.

What we use it to look at and to share with others has to be governed by what we read in His word. Is what we say and post honoring, glorifying, or giving thanks to God, as it is coming from a follower of Christ(Ephesians 5:8)?

A quick check on posts involving others; is it said in love, fit for building up, giving grace(Ephesians 4:29), or even necessary? Are we speaking truth to others in love who may be misquoting the Gospel to fit their political agendas?

Many things are fun, innocent, and simply bring us joy, yet can be a time stealer and promote laziness and sloth. We have all done it. You go to look up a destination address and an hour later you are still watching highlights from American Ninja Warrior.

“One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not from lack of time.” – John Piper

Tech in the workplace is just as guilty. The increasing demand for connectedness is consuming family time, that cannot be reclaimed, like a wildfire. Don’t let technology rob you of time with God and family or besmirch your good name of Christian. Intentional use is the key, and we must pray for the strength and resolve to use it for His glory.


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