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Wednesday Devo: "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes..." - Romans 1:16 Paul was under obligation to share the Gospel because Jesus had called him specifically to do just that. Since it was his specific assignment to share the news of Christ, he was not embarrassed by any means, he was eager to preach(Romans 1:15). It seems to be prevalent these days to simply keep to one's self. To hunker down and back into our shell when it comes to our faith in Christ. You do your thing, I'll do mine. With Christianity being bombarded from every which way, we duck back into our foxhole. Classic Christian bunker mentality. Yet we are called to stand out, to be different. Not to hide in fear of rejection or embarrassment. We are called to go forth(Matt 28:19), to be set apart for God(1 Peter 1:16). We stand strong in the hope in Christ as heirs of God(Romans 8:17). So we are a light for God(Matthew 5:14) and must show it. We share the truth of the Gospel wherever we are, unashamed, always ready(1 Peter 3:15-16). We respectfully and gently correct those who would misrepresent who God is and what the Bible says about the world and our sin(2 Timothy 3:16). "But whoever denies me[Jesus] before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven."(Matthew10:33)

Indifference can be just as dangerous as denial. Let's get in the Word daily to have plenty stored up in our hearts to share! Come out of that shell! #Unashamed #SpreadTheGospel

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