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Wednesday Devo: And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” – Matthew 4:19

What did Jesus mean when he said “fishers of men(all people)”? He was talking about catching people for Christ, by sharing the Gospel with them (Matt. 28:19). This was the task given to every believer before Jesus left the earth.

So now we know what we are supposed to be fishing for, but are we fishing for other things instead? Everyone is trying to catch something.

Fishing for friends, relationships, money, stuff, success, fame, retweets, likes, knowledge? All these things are not bad in themselves. They are all gifts from God and we are to give him the glory and thanks for everything we are and have, and avoid foolish thinking (Romans 1:21).

When that stops, and the focus is simply on the goal alone, that is where we have strayed from our mission and are fishing for idols. Sharing the Gospel, or good news of Jesus’ sacrifice for us, is not hard. The world would have you believe it might be awkward or embarrassing, and to avoid it.

The truth is, the world and the people in it are looking for something to fill the God shaped hole in their hearts. Though they try to fill it with other things that just do not satisfy (Ecclesiastes 1:8,5:10, 6:7). Tell them you have what stops their spiritual hunger and thirst (John 6:35). Be bold in sharing Christ and his Word, not ashamed (Romans 1:16).

Your words and your actions must both line up together about Christ for his glory (Matthew 5:19), not simply repeating it, but doing it (James 1:19). One without the other does not make a fisher of men.


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